Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The way he talks

So expressive - I was struggling to capture him without his hands movements...I wonder if this is what happens when you do lots of presenting as part of your day job? I am not viewing this as a negative as having some hand movements does help to home-in on key points if necessary - in this case...something to do with Rugby world cup I reckon

I should know...one of the more useful/interesting training provided at my work was on presenting. We were video-ed doing it and they replayed it later. A completely cringing, seat squirming kind of scenario but very useful to pin point bad habits. Apparently I use just the right amount of hand movement to make my point - not too much to be a distraction whilst not shoving my hands in my pocket either. Born presenter? - nah...not even close. I still shit myself before each presentation!

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