Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back to Cambridge


deja vu: Scott and I graduated 5 years ago!!??! dang...we are no longer spring chickens

rooftop terrace, cambridge
One and only rooftop bar in Cambridge - not sure if I can /should divulge the location ...

Granchester, Cambridge 1
18 degrees in November! The warm spell continues!!! Avoiding cow dung while enjoying the countryside


The Orchard, Grantcester 1
Tea and scones at The Orchard at Grantcester completes the weekend

We make the trip down to Cambridge fairly frequently as we still have very close friends living/working there. I get excited every time we return, it feels like home and reminds me of being fresh off the plane and being in foreign land, trying to grow up too quickly and making decisions for myself. Very liberating and scary at the same time but all for the better I would think.

One of my first humiliating / cringing memories I always remember was attending the first morning roll call in my boarding house. Mum followed the uniform guidelines to the T and I was dress all proper: white shirt, skirt below the knee, flat shoes - Doc Martens no less (this was when the punk trend has passed but we went with it because it will be 'long-lasting'). I stood out like a sore thumb / obvious newbie amongst my housemates who are in miniskirt and 4 inch heels. Yup...I grow a thick skin,chuck the skirt and shoes pronto but - happy days overall!

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