Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Papa!


Dad is 61 today and at that age I guess his words are starting to hold some ‘weight’. So maybe it is time to share some of his words of wisdom that he instilled in us kids. He has a unique way of imparting words of advice but the message is clear nonetheless. These are some that I remember fondly and try to follow (some without much success yet)!

Wisdom #1: Your great great grandfather Mr Chee Swee Cheng turn 1 cent to 10 cents, and you Kelly Chee turn 10 cents back to 1 cent. (10 second pause for effect) So how much money do you want? RM5 where got enough take RM10
Lesson to self: Persevere ... and you shall be rewarded

Wisdom #2: Go and do it yourself. Don’t everything Mary Mary Mary! Next time sapu pantat call Mary ah?
Lesson to self: Be independent

Wisdom #3: If I give someone durian, I make sure I give them more than enough so that when they shit, their tahi also smell of durian
Lesson to self: Generosity (and diarrhoea) is always remembered long past the act of giving

Wisdom #4: Make sure you eat your kacang panjang. If not wait katet like Geok!
Lesson to self: Do not mock others. It can backfire (note: see Ida (height) for explanation)

Wisdom #5: Be nice to others, otherwise when you die, they come and kencing at your grave!
Lesson to self: Either be nice or request for cremation

Wisdom #6: Time and tide wait for no man
What he is really trying to say: Cepat kahwin, I want cucu!
Lesson to self: Buy ear plugs

Happy birthday Papa!!

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