Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Run Scott Run

Bank Holiday Monday yesterday and I was up by 7.30am. Not by choice obviously as it is a public holiday and I love a lie-in but Scott has decided to run the Bupa 10k run at St James Park which starts at 10am. Damn...considering he gave up alcohol for the weekend before (very tough - he was displaying early signs of alcoholism come Sunday!) I guess I can be supportive and give up my beauty sleep.

He trained and trained - kept a running diary and he finished at an impressive 39 minutes!(cue - imagine my proud face here!) If you know anything about running, that is suppose to be a pretty shit hot time.

Team Scotland (Scott, Adam, Barry)
Before the race - hence the nervous smiles

After the race - smile of relief. Run for charity and get a t-shirt free! What great incentive!

I was obviously not running (no chance) hence the 'civilian' clothes

if you ever get a medal - instinctively you put it in your mouth and bite it - don't ask me why. Now it hangs proudly with the garden and shed keys - we need to keep it real ok - it is 10k, not Olympics!

Adam and Barry (and wife also named Kelly) stayed overnight at our flat and we have our youngest ever overnight guest so far - meet Emily Rose Fudge! Age: 2 months
Sweetest girl ever - slept from 11pm-6am without crying. Magic baby!!

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